Mission Statement


Our Core Competences

Our company's combined services:

  • Responsible extraction of peat
  • Renaturation of former agriculturally used peat deposits to living mires
  • Production of high-grade substrates for commercial growers and selected potting soils for specialist shops
  • Distribution of high-grade soils and related products.

We fulfill our obligations in meeting our customers' demands with utmost competence and expediency. We will convince you with our quality, competence, transparency and flexibility. A fair, reliable, and ethical way of doing business is our basic premise.


Our Tradition

For over a century, our corporate headquarters located in North Germany has been the base of operations for peat extraction and processing, as well as our international business activities. In doing so, we place our full confidence in the outstanding business model of our home region, as well as in the exemplary competence and productivity of our staff members, business partners, and commercial suppliers locally and world-wide.

At Gramoflor, we gladly fulfil our commitment to the environment and to future generations with conviction, by ensuring the proper renaturation of our peat extraction sites and the use of alternative growing media constituents.


Our Credo

Quality from the start is our guiding principle. We are a reliable business partner, providing competent consultation as well as intelligent and strategic solutions for our clients. This sustainable and long-term oriented approach determines our way of thinking and doing business.

The careful use of resources, their preservation and enhancement, as well as the appreciation of our customers and their needs and the ethical and fair treatment of employees and partners are the cornerstones of our Corporate Culture.  Economic success is the basis for achieving our social and environmental goals and permanently secure them for future generations.

Thinking and acting sustainably means no luxury for us but our duty as an informed and thus knowing generation.  As a company we can be a role model in our economic and social. This task we gladly accept.


Our Work Climate

Mutual respect, consideration of our employees regarding their personal and family needs, and professionally constructive dialogue are essential components of our Corporate Culture. We consider our employees as business partners, proactively providing ideas and initiative to our company. Honest and motivated teamwork is the key to our positive attitude and inspiration to do our best every day. 

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